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Play With Type: Will Rueter Broadside Invitational

Next meetup Wednesday, February 20th. Joining us is Rollin Milroy of Heavenly Monkey, who’s inviting everyone to “Play With Type”: a Will Rueter Broadside Invitational. Download the invitation here - RueterInvite

Rollin writes:

Hey kids:

On March 21 the Alcuin Society will be presenting the Robert R. Reid Award & Medal for contributions to the books arts in Canada to Will Rueter, a.k.a. The Aliquando Press. On that evening the Society will be hosting a live chat/interview with Will about his work and career. In addition to books, Will has always had a love for broadsides and general typographic play. So, we are inviting people – whether you know Will and his work or not – to have fun creating a broadside to mark the occasion. All broadsides received in time will be displayed in the foyer of Simon Fraser University on the evening of the talk. Yes, the attached invitation ‘broadside” is a design atrocity, but it’s simply a crude (& quick) attempt to encourage playfulness & participation.

Please consider creating something for the event, and forward this invitation to anyone you think might also be interested.

The evening should be fun – I’ll do my best to dig for any naughty stories & keep Will on his toes – and we all hope to see you (everyone!) there. Best,

Rollin Milroy
Heavenly Monkey

p.s. perfectly timed, the Aliquando site has dropped off the ‘net just now, but I’ll get some images & linx up on or thru HM soon. Meanwhile, here’s an audio interview with Literary Tourist (c.2012). A few other quick clips:

Nature of Words (artist’s statement)

a well illustrated profile

a short piece about Will’s latest book