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Letterpress Plans For 2013

A successful Vancouver Letterpress League meetup tonight. Always nice to meet new folks – we had some promo on Vancouver’s Daily Secret – so it looks like the VLL is definitely expanding.

Tonight Brenda from Spicer’s paper explained the services they can provide for letterpress printers and designers. She brought sample books and also a generous letterpress card giveaway from the Ladies of Letterpress/Lettra collaboration. Thanks again.

The Vancouver Letterpress League wants to be a resource for people researching letterpress in Vancouver, and a go-to for expert information. Projects that came out of tonight’s meetup:

  1. New website (Thanks Travis)
  2. Coordinating an online list of VLL members and what skills we offer (thanks Jackie)
  3. New events page and list of resources / workshops / classes

Planned activities for 2013:

  1. EVENT: we are working towards an event in October, connected around the Wayzgoose timing. It may include demonstrations for the public, large-scale printing, a movie screening. It could be a standalone event or partnered with an existing event. February meeting will report back on location possibilities and partnerships.
  2. PRINTING: collaborative letterpress printing project, bringing together designers/illustrators/printers and others. Final project will be available as a limited edition and will be for sale. Details soon!

Here’s our wish list of things we’d like to see:

  • A private meeting location that holds 10-15 comfortably – a studio, shop?
  • Steamroller printing
  • Studio tours – including bookbinding- and guest speakers
  • Long term – Community letterpress access- building a place for workshops and demos
  • Collaboration with illustrators/printers
  • More socials
  • Movie screening
  • Learning about making inks

We have a wide variety of interests and talents in this network. If there is something you would like to offer, host, or organize please get in touch.

Next meeting:

Meeting location suggestions will be taken until January 25, otherwise the Feb meetup will be at Rhizome Cafe, TBA.