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Calendar Is Here

The first Vancouver Letterpress League Calendar is here. It’s a very limited edition of 250 and features a variety of beautiful printing techniques. We’ve got handset wood and metal type, polymer, hand-carved linocuts, a woodcut, silkscreening, watercolour, split fountain, and other details. Congratulations to all the printers who put so much time and effort into this collaboration.

Here’s an overview.

  • January: wood and metal type, 2 colour. Kevin Rowe.
  • February: polymer, 2-colour (1 blind impression). Kirsty Armstrong.
  • March: polymer, 2 colour. Port Paper Co.
  • April: metal type, 2 colour. Clawhammer Press.
  • May: polymer, 1 colour. Travis Gertz.
  • June: all metal ornaments, 2 colour (that’s City Hall!). The Bowler Press.
  • July: split fountain on a C+P, hand carved linocut, lead type, polymer plates. Gusty Whale Press.
  • August: hand carved linocut, self-produced polymer. 3 colour. District Dogs Designs.
  • September: 1 colour with metal cut and type on a C+P, 1 colour silkscreen. Forest and Waves.
  • October: 1 colour woodcut on a C+P, 2 colour silkscreen. Cara Sacaffien.
  • November: 3 colour, wood, metal and polymer. Fox & Found Press.
  • December: 1 colour polymer, 1 colour hand-painted watercolour. Sam Bradd.
  • Cover by Fox and Found Press.

You can buy a calendar starting this Saturday at the Vancouver Public Library Wayzgoose fair. After that, message us through Facebook or email and we’ll set you up.